Friday, December 4, 2009

All About Candies Shoes

Candies shoes have been adorning the feet of girls and women since the 1970s. Many celebrities endorse and wear these shoes; from Britney Spears, to Fergie, to Jenny McCarthy. The company’s enticing ad campaign has made these shoes well known throughout the world. Candies shoes offer sandals in many different colors and styles. Some of the more sought after styles include the thong style (the thong fits between your toes), the gladiator style (with back zipper) and the wedge style (with a cork heel). Their flats are great for dress up and dress down. They come in many colors, with and without accents that will look great with jeans, pants or a short skirt. Their boots are sturdy, comfortable and mostly trendy. Some styles, like the Landin boot, are very popular and flattering. A pair of Candies shoes dress heels is a fashion favorite. The styles that come in red are a favorite among all women; and that is not surprising as who doesn’t like a splash of color to brighten up any outfit. These heels are made to lengthen your leg for a great look and the peep-style toe in many of them offers a flirty touch.

Many Candies shoes provide an exotic appeal that will enliven even the most basic outfit. These shoes offer a padded footbed that will cushion every step you take. Some have a metallic finish, some a patchwork design, some a checkered pattern (for a timeless touch), and some offer your basic faux-leather material. Their Mary Jane heels are very popular with the young crowd. Candies shoes are ideal for every occasion. They make a bold statement and they are reasonably priced. The price ranges from approximately twenty dollars to approximately eighty dollars.

Kohl’s department store sells a wide variety of Candies shoes; they even sell some that are special edition shoes and you can only buy them at Kohl’s and most of them only online. Candies also offers a line of clothing and jewelry that are similar to their shoes – reasonably priced, trendy, and very flattering. They offer simple and bold patterns in tops and sweaters. They have a nice line of coats, including trench coats. Their dresses are for casual and dressy wear. When you wear Candies shoes or Candies clothing, you will make an unforgettable entrance. Their accessories also include handbags and, they too, come in many different styles and colors. Their sleepwear includes pajamas, chemises, and slippers. Their jewelry comes in silvertone, jet-tone, and tri-tone and includes everything from earrings, to bracelets, to necklaces, to rings. Some have added beads, or pearls, or crystals and you will find a very wide variety from which to choose. When you slip on Candies jewelry or Candies shoes, you will definitely accessorize in style!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Four Styles of Candies Shoes

Active advertising for Candies shoes has made them a household name. They have adorned the feet of many celebrities and their ads have been featured in magazines such as CosmoGirl, Vogue and Seventeen. Well-known to teens and young adult women, these shoes are being worn more frequently by women of all ages. The designs are becoming more intricate and the shoes more sought after. The manufacturer adheres to strict quality control and customer feedback to ensure that they keep their customers happy. The shoes are fun, flirty and make a statement. A great pair of Candies shoes will complete any outfit. Some of the more popular styles are already going fast. Whether you live in warm weather year round or live where you have warm and cold weather, here is a breakdown of the styles you are sure to love.

Candies Eddy sandals only come in white but they have a beaded accent and thong styling to ensure easy on and easy off; which is especially nice if you frequent a beach. The outsole is very flexible and moves along with each step you take. The Candies shoes Tammy sandal comes in taupe with beaded accents and is a gladiator style – you will definitely get noticed while wearing these shoes! There is even a heel zipper that goes up the back of the shoe.

The Tatu flats come in bronze and have a patchwork pattern with a metallic finish that adds a shimmering touch. These look great with a pair of jeans or a short, casual skirt. The Manuela flats come in black and have a crackled finish with beaded accents. The combination of the two gives the sandals a very edgy look. Their Judd flats have a pleated detail in black and gray with a pointed toe – very chic.

Candies shoes Landin boots come in black or cognac and they are definitely made for walking even with their 3-1/4” heel. The heel is sturdy and not too thin, and the slouched details and crossed buckled straps give off a very trendy look. The padded footbed will pamper your soles as you walk. The Newmie tall boots are flat and comfortable. They come in black, brown, and gray with buckle accents. They are a very classic boot.

High Heels
Candies shoes high heels have many from which to choose, but some of my favorites include the Juanita dress heel in red. It is such a sleek looking shoe with a sling-back strap, slightly pointed toe and a four inch heel. This shoe will flatter your legs and will add a splash of color to any outfit. Their Stanton dress heel is edgy, exotic and very feminine. They come in faux-snakeskin with patchwork animal print in shades of brown and have a four inch heel. You will feel adventurous and exciting when you slip into a pair of these shoes.

With so many varieties from which you choose you are sure to find the right style and color to fit not only your outfit and your mood, but also to fit your pocketbook, as Candies shoes are very reasonably priced.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Candies Shoes - A Tempting Treat

Candies shoes – even the name conjures up a tempting treat. They are trendy, fun, flirty and they come in every color you can imagine. You can find them in dress heels, sandals, clogs, flats and boots; and teen girls as well as young adult women love them. But they are not just for young women. Many of the styles look great for business attire and party attire. They are affordably priced from around twenty dollars to under one hundred dollars. They have been a favorite shoe of girls since the 1970s. The manufacturer of Candies shoes uses smart advertising by doing campaigns with well-known and well-liked pop stars. Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Duff, Hayden Panettiere, and Britney Spears have all been spokespersons for Candies shoes. The designs of the shoes are simple and stylish making Candies shoes ideal for any and all occasions.

Candies latest flats are comfortable and stylish. They have a padded footbed that cushions every step you take and they include studded accents for a trendy touch. Their clogs come with a sturdy heel and most come in black and brown although some clogs come in several other colors. Their sandals come in thong style and horizontal strap style and many have an adjustable heel strap that ensures a secure fit. Some sandals are flat and some have a wedge heel. Their boots come in several different colors; some with a heel of approximately four inches, some are flat. All include a nice padding for a comfortable walk. Some have a fold-over collar around the top that adds a feminine flair, while others have various accents like buckles or studs. They offer a pair of white high-heeled boots with a pointed toe that are very popular right now. Candies shoes offer a large variety of high heels in tons of colors. Some have a sling back; some have an open toe and some are completely closed. Some of the high heels have a pointed toe that adds a sophisticated touch, while others have a rounded toe that adds a more traditional touch. The open toe is a very contemporary look and is great in the spring and summer. Most of the sling back high heels have an adjustable strap to ascertain a perfect fit.

If you are looking for a pair of flats that are very trendy and very cute, the Gabriella flats offer a gray zebra pattern that gives off an exotic touch. They look great with a pair of jeans. Their leopard print ballerina flats (also known as Gunni) are very hot right now and have been worn by many celebrities.

You can get some very good deals on Candies shoes on eBay. Be certain to check out the seller’s feedback before you buy and also their return policy. Candies shoes not only look great on teen girls but there are many styles that flatter a woman as well!